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Mitsubishi Electric demonstrates how its residential heating and ventilation equipment can help satisfy the need for low carbon buildings

Mitsubishi Electric has presented at the Ecobuild 10 Exhibition how its range of residential heating, ventilation and power generation equipment can help satisfy the need for low carbon buildings and help homeowners earn income by capitalising on Government schemes.

On display at the company’s stand was the Ecodan® air source heat pump range which is proven to lower emissions over gas boilers by up to 50 per cent and running costs by around 30 per cent as well. Mitsubishi Electric is now taking the argument one step further by usign Ecobuild to demonstrate the benefits of combining power generation with home heating.

“Ecodan addresses the need for low carbon, mass market home heating and can help houses achieve Levels 3 and 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes,” explained Donald Daw, Commercial Director for the company. Now we are highlighting the benefits of combining this low carbon heating with our photovoltaic power generating units to show how this can help achieve Level 5.”

The company has marketed its range of photovoltaic (PV) power generating products for both residential and commercial applications since 2008 and is unique within the PV industry because it manufactures all of the components itself, including the cells and panels which convert the DC electricity from sunlight into usable AC power for the home.

Mitsubishi Electric has undertaken extensive modelling based on recent figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) which highlight the short payback period and long term financial gain available by combining Ecodan and PV. These incorporate the Government’s new Feed In Tarriffs (FIT) for photovoltaic power generation and the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) for renewable heat generating equipment.

“This means the household can earn income from every kW of renewable energy generated and significantly reduces the payback period whilst giving the homeowner the potential of payments for decades to come,” explained Daw.

Also on the company’s stand was the Lossnay DC heat recovery ventilation unit, which addresses the need to provide energy efficient ventilation to well-insulated, modern homes.
“As we build more and more energy efficient homes, we’re actually making them more airtight and it’s therefore difficult to achieve a fresh, comfortable indoor air quality,” commented Daw. “We, therefore, need new ways to ventilate these homes that help save energy and are versatile enough to offer help in the heat of the summer.”

The residential Lossnay unit, sits in the loft space and passes the stale air from the home, through a unique heat exchanger to heat up the incoming fresh air and reduce energy consumption. One of the other major advantages of the Lossnay system is that in summer, when houses have heated up in the day, a special bypass mode can be used to bring in cool fresh air at night to keep the occupants at a comfortable temperature.

“The Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes lays down strict guidelines on how we get to zero carbon housing and we have now brought forward a range of innovative products that can help us achieve this,” ends Daw.

Source: Plumbing Park - The leading online magazine for the Plumbing and HVAC industry.


Online monitoring of heating and cooling system

Junction Mechanical has recently installed Carrier's new web based control product, iVu at one of their large retail customer's office.

The idea behind using the iVu product was to give property managers easy access for monitoring their locations. iVu allows their manager online access to the heating and cooling system, with no software access key.

With the click of the mouse, the property manager sees an active graphical representation of the heating and cooling systems, with live zone temperatrues, setpoint temperature, air delivery temperature, and many other pieces of information.

The property manager is able to make set point adjustments, schedule changes and system resets if necessary. The iVu system will alert the property manager to a variation in temperature away from the norm.

Source: Plumbing Park - The leading online magazine for the Plumbing and HVAC industry.

Heat Recovery Ventilators allow necessary air exchange

The HRV is a key element of the Super E® House-as-a-system approach, but despite its importance, it’s a relatively simple device.

The HRV is simply a heat exchanger. Stale air from inside the house conditions fresh air coming from the outside – energy efficient ventilation. A fan inside the HRV moves the air.

Houses need to have an indoor/outdoor exchange of air to replenish oxygen used by the occupants and to remove pollutants generated by breathing, household activities andemissions from furnishings. Most houses rely on air leakage to provide this indoor/outdoor air exchange.

Unfortunately, a leaky building is no guarantee of adequate air exchange. The movement of air requires both a pathway (i.e. a leak) and a pressure difference. The pressure difference can be caused by different temperatures between the inside and the outside, the wind, and the stack effect – a process where warm air leaks out the top of the house while outside air is drawn in from the bottom of the house to replace it.

An HRV allows necessary air exchange without relying on air leaks, pressure differences or the stack effect. It means you have control over the air in your home.

HRVs not only exhaust potentially harmful indoor pollutants, they control humidity. Filters can also be added to the HRV intake. In short, HRVs are a key to a healthy indoor environment.

Homeowner maintenance of the HRV is very simple. The homeowner should clean the grilles about once a year, clean the filters once every couple of months and make sure the intake and exhaust ducts on the outside of the house are clear from debris. HRVs have a long lifespan, likely at least as long as a water heater or other home mechanical appliance.

Source: Plumbing Park - The leading online magazine for the Plumbing and HVAC industry.

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